Meet Me

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Hello and thank you for stopping by!

I've always liked experiencing things from a different perspective. To appreciate the land from above, I became a helicopter pilot. To appreciate the world below, I became a scuba instructor. And to appreciate the things around me, I became a photographer.

My style is creating art full of rich, bold colors that reflect vibrant scenes from my travels. Whether I’m in the cold mountains, warm desert, or standing knee deep in water, I’m drawn to the colors of the landscape. With my camera in hand, I capture these colors and bring them to life in my final pieces of art.

I live full time in an RV with my husband. Always seeking new adventures, our home base is wherever the road takes us. If interested, you can read more on our travel blog A Tale of Two Nomads.

Thank you for visiting my galleries and I hope my art brings beauty and joy into your life and home! Happy Trails!

- Julia Meyer

Photographer and Owner of Julia Meyer Photography

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